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Lucitone® FRS Flexible Dental Resin

Associated Dental Lab is proud to extend services with the Lucitone FRS Flexible Dental Resin. Lucitone FRS is a thermoplastic resin designed for the use in the Success Injection System - the most versatile injection system in the world! This exciting new product is used to create esthetic flexible partial dentures, full dentures and nightguards.

Lucitone FRS offers...

  • Easier to grind and polish vs. conventional thermoplastics

  • Lucitone's 199 shades make it easy to match existing dentures

  • Clear clasps - no need to match tooth shades

  • Better impact and stain resistance vs. Valplast and Flexite

  • Lightweight for patient comfort

  • Monomer and metal free

  • Low shrinkage

SR Ivocap Injection System

Associated Dental Lab introduces the SR Ivocap Injection system.

The SR Ivocap has been developed that completely compensates for the processing shrinkage of the denture base material. The injection technology used in the SR Ivocap system is considered the state-of-the-art in denture processing. The accuracy of this process results in a denture that will provide you with the best fit possible.

Comfort - reduced irritation to the gums

Strength - extremely dense material reduces the chance of breakage

Cleanliness - non-porous surface greatly lessens odor causing plaque and bacteria

Fit - non irritation and comfortable to wear - no denture adhesive needed

Health - eat virtually any food

Esthetics - natural looking so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence

Bio-compatible - will not distort taste, stain or collect odors or irritating bacteria

Portrait®  IPN®

We're proud to announce that Portrait IPN teeth, the world's finest aesthetic denture teeth are now available. "The world's finest aesthetic teeth..." Well, maybe that's a little bold! But we think it's justified when you add up the many benefits of Portrait IPN teeth:

  • Aesthetics judged "superb" when compared to European competition

  • Vita® and Bioform® shades rated better than the original

  • IPN material with the first ever 5-year warranty

  • 55 Trubyte® anterior moulds and 19 popular forms, including an aesthetic flat plane posterior and a new European posterior, ideal for partial cases

For these key reasons we are pleased to put Portrait IPN teeth at the top of our premium removable prosthetic services. It's our feeling that when you see Portrait IPN teeth, on the card or in the mouth, they'll become your first choice for optimum aesthetics and true shade matching accuracy.

But, "seeing is believing!" So, may we suggest you try Portrait IPN teeth on your next denture case? We're certain they'll earn you confidence in much the same way they convinced us to become part of a picture perfect denture service available with Portrait IPN teeth from our laboratory.


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For the past 25 years Associated Dental Laboratory has made all the removable partials castings for the UCLA School of Dentistry.

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For over 10 years Associated Dental Laboratory has made all the removable partials castings for the U.S.C. School of Dentistry.
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